How to Ditch your Day Job & Become a DJ

Hi. My name is Cheska. 2 years ago I decided to become a DJ. I had no idea how I would do it, I just knew I wanted to. Really, really bad. So I went onto YouTube and watched every video I could find. I ordered some equipment and started to teach myself how to DJ in my spare time. I honestly thought it would just be a hobby. I started throwing parties and realized I was pretty good at it. Then, I got hired to do an actual paid gig! Well, that first paid gig led to another and another to 2 years later this is my actual full time career and I am living an absolute dream. I’ve now DJ’d pretty much any event you can think of including Birthday Celebrations, Corporate Parties, Weddings, Clubs, and even a Festival! I’ve made amazing friends and because of DJing I am constantly surrounded by love & happiness. My job is literally to make people dance!

So inspired by this amazing career I’ve decided to put together what will be the largest team of Female DJs in the world. I am looking for girls of any age (over 18) who love music and love people. That’s it. That’s the only criteria you must meet in order to become a part of my team. If you don’t love music, you will not be successful because you won’t have the passion it takes to become successful. If you don’t love people, you won’t be able to give out the energy, excitement and enthusiasm it takes to be a great DJ.

I am convinced I can teach anyone to DJ and help them get up and running earning money in less than 30 days. Which, by the way, if you were to try and learn everything on your own would take you years and you would most likely get frustrated and give up before you ever launched your career. The statistic is that 99% of people who think they want to DJ, never actually do. Why? There are so many details involved and unless you have someone helping you and all the right connections, the chances of your career taking off are slim.

So why just girls?? Nothing against all the male DJs out there, but there are already way too many of you. Female DJs have no competition. We can charge more money. We are natural community builders and friend makers. We light up a room when we get on stage. We share everything all the time with everyone we meet. We throw parties, we post on social media, we have excellent business skills. And no offense to the guys, we draw more people to gigs.

So Girls, this one is just for you. If you’d like to find out more on how you could become a DJ and launch your new career in record time, click this button to get in on my FREE MASTERCLASS. In this class, I’ll go over what it takes to become a DJ, how much you can earn (it’s a lot!!!), and have a Live Q&A at the end so you can ask me anything. In addition, I’m giving away a Free One on One Zoom Call to everyone who attends my Master Class where I can meet you personally and see if we would make a good fit to work together. If it looks like a good fit, I’ll be able to customize a plan to help you become a part of my All Female DJ Team.

P.S. I earn a minimum of $100 per hour (plus tips) as a DJ and only work 3 nights a week! This allows me to spend lots of time with my crazy Malinois and take care of my daughter. I know for sure I could help you do the same. So, click the link and sign up for the Class!